Project Our Town will be mobilizing teams of volunteers and sending them out into the greater Denver community to participate in a wide range of social action projects. This two-day experience will have a lasting impact, not only on many worthy organizations, causes, and individuals, but also the participants themselves. The mission of Project Our Town is to bring people of our community together through acts of humanitarianism designed to provide for those in need and support meaningful causes.  

Project Our Town is an annual weekend event designed to provide a platform for:

  • Inspiring engagement in acts of giving and kindness to make a difference in our community.
  • Sparking passion within our community to aid those in need, including all persons regardless of differences.
  • Demonstrating how we honor ourselves when we identify and respond to the needs of our community.
  • Strengthening our community’s identity as a caring community.
  • Igniting passion for social justice and social action that leads to ongoing engagement.
  • Helping organizations and companies maximize the impact of their charitable giving.

Project Our Town will not only serve the greater community, but it will also build bridges among the various segments of our population. Volunteers of all types will work side-by-side. The spirit of volunteerism and giving to others will build a more cohesive, sensitive and understanding community. 

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