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Welcome to JTown!


JTown’s mission is to create a dynamic, meaningful, and relevant Jewish community with individuals and families of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

In JTown, we celebrate the place where individual Jewish identity meets secular and social community.

What is JTown?

It is simple! JTown is an organization that creates connections and community! We bring Jews of all ages, and the people who love them, together through adult social programs, engaging family events, alternative worship experiences, and meaningful social action projects.

In JTown, everyone is welcome, regardless of their background, affiliation, denomination, etc. We hope you will get involved by attending programs, volunteering to help at an event, or suggesting programming ideas. We would love to see you at our next program!

Our Philosophy

You don’t belong to JTown, JTown belongs to you!

JTown offers opportunities for Jews to come together in ways that are meaningful and relevant in the world we live in today.

JTown makes it easy. No monthly dues, no long-term commitments. Just pay for the programs you attend, and some events will even be free!

For FREE High Holiday tickets and discounts at ALL JTown events, become a JTOWNER! Click below for more info.


Sunday, December 2 at 10:30 a.m. 
(Adults Only) FREE
We had so much fun at this event last year (although, we hope the Broncos play better this time)! Come, meet some new people, eat great food, and schmooze. Super casual. Adults only.
  • Location is just east of Parker & Arapahoe Rd (address will be sent following registration) 
  • No false starts! Our Special Teams will gather at 10:30. (Game begins at 11:00 a.m.)
  • Sign up for a brunch dish… We love blitz’s and blintzes! 
  • Let us know what you are bringing and we will fill in the rest!



Become a JTOWNER!

JTown makes it easy. No monthly dues, no long-term commitments.
Just pay for the programs you attend, and some events will even be free!

It's even better when you're a JTOWNER! Not only are High Holiday tickets FREE for everyone in your household, but you will receive discounted rates on ALL JTown events.

Being a JTOWNER is like being a frequent Flyer!

The best part??? Being a JTOWNER is only $180/year per household or $118 for Singles!

Get Involved in JTown! Here's How:

Become a JTOWNER!

$180 per household ($118 for singles), per year, includes High Holiday tickets and discounted rates at all events.

Attend Events and Spread the Word!

Please join us for any or all of our events, forward the information on to your friends
or send us their emails so we can add them to our mailing list!

Submit Program Ideas! 


Drop us an email. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Host an Event!


Welcome JTowners into your home for an event that is meaningful to you.

Underwrite an Event:


Having an event underwritten gives us a fantastic opportunity to get people to try
a JTown event and become engaged and feel a part of the community.



We can only do what we do with of the generosity of our donors.


JTown’s mission is made possible because of the generosity of donors.

Your donation to JTown helps us fulfill our mission of creating opportunities for Jews
and their loved ones to come together in ways that are meaningful and relevant in the
world we live in today. JTown’s vision is an inclusive, comfortable, and accepting community.


We'll keep you updated on all things JTown

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