Welcome to JTown!


What is JTown?

There is no easy answer because there is nothing quite like it. Fortunately, we have never shied away from difficult questions. They’re what brought us here in the first place. So, allow us to introduce ourselves.

JTown is a community without walls, intentionally. JTown is whenever and wherever we are together. We lead, learn, pray, and play together. And, we like it that way.

Whatever road you have taken or where you are on your Jewish journey, we are just glad you're here.

Our Philosophy

You don’t belong to JTown, JTown belongs to you!

JTown creates spaces that are warm and welcoming, places to build community, and experiences that are authentic and relevant. There are no walls, no labels, no pedestals, no limits. We really mean it when we say, "Come as you are."

We want every person to walk away from every event feeling full, glad they came, and wanting more. All of us are part of shaping what JTown is today and what it will be tomorrow.

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JTown makes it easy. No monthly dues, no long-term commitments.
 Just pay for the programs you attend, and some events will even be free!


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JTown’s mission is made possible because of the generosity of donors.

Your donation to JTown helps us fulfill our mission of creating opportunities for Jews
and their loved ones to come together in ways that are meaningful and relevant in the
world we live in today. JTown’s vision is an inclusive, comfortable, and accepting community.